Fast Facts

Fast Facts

A paint-by-numbers portrait of Candler.

You won’t get the full picture of Candler without visiting us in person, but these stats outline a first quick sketch. Here’s Candler by the numbers: 

Top marks

Based on data from the 2017-2018 Institutional Peer Profile Report of the Association of Theological Schools, Candler leads the pack in:

  • Lower-than-average student/faculty ratio among our peer schools  6:1
  • Higher-than-average % of women students: 49%
  • Higher-than-average % ethnic and students of color: 42%
  • Higher-than-average % of students under 30 among United Methodist schools: 49%
  • Higher-than-average total degree completions among university-based schools

Other key stats*

  • Degrees offered: 16, including 10 dual degrees
  • Number of students: 455
  • Number of denominations: 39
  • Students from the Methodist tradition: 43%
  • Top 5 denominations: UMC, Baptist, non-denominational, Presbyterian, Episcopal
  • Countries represented: 9 (Bahamas, Canada, El Salvador, Germany, India, Nigeria, Palestine, South Korea, USA)
  • States represented: 35
  • Median student age: 30
  • Students of color (USA): 35%
  • Official student organizations: 13
  • Students receiving financial aid: 88%
  • MDiv students receiving financial aid: 97%
  • Number of faculty holding joint appointments with Emory University’s top-ranked Graduate Division of Religion: 31
  • Pitts Theology Library holdings: ca. 608,000 volumes, including 145,000 rare books
  • Number of living alumni: 8,100+
  • Alumni serving as church pastors: 70%
  • Emory ranked #1 for quality of life by The Princeton Review
  • At 47.9%, Atlanta has the highest percentage of overall urban tree canopy in the nation*
  • Approximately 350 acres of undeveloped land/green space (that's almost half of the Emory campus!)
  • Named among the “Seminaries that Change the World” by The Center for Faith and Service, five years running
  • Named a "bright spot" in theological education by Auburn Seminary
  • Emory ranked #21 among the top national universities by U.S. News and World Report
  • Emory in the top 100 in the Times Higher Education's World University Rankings list

*Based on Candler’s Fact Sheet for 2017-18 academic year, Emory Points of Pride data and Trees Atlanta.

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