Fast Facts

Fast Facts

A paint-by-numbers portrait of Candler.

You won’t get the full picture of Candler without visiting us in person, but these stats outline a first quick sketch. Here’s Candler by the numbers: 

Top marks

Based on data from the 2020-21 Institutional Peer Profile Report of the Association of Theological Schools, Candler leads the pack in:

  • Lower-than-median student/faculty ratio – 7:1 (based on headcount)
  • Higher-than-average women students: 55.7%
  • Higher-than-average ethnic and students of color: 49.9%
  • Higher-than-average total degree completions

Key Stats

  • Degrees offered: 16, including 10 dual degrees
  • Number of students: 483
  • Number of denominations: 44
  • Students from the Methodist tradition: 40%
  • Top 5 denominations: UMC, Baptist, Nondenominational, Episcopal/Anglican, Presbyterian 
  • Countries represented: 12 (Bahamas, Burma, Congo, El Salvador, Georgia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, USA)
  • States represented: 37
  • Median student age: 31
  • Students of color (USA): 44%
  • Official student organizations: 13
  • Students receiving financial aid: 98%
  • MDiv students receiving financial aid: 100%
  • Number of faculty holding joint appointments with Emory University’s top-ranked Graduate Division of Religion: 31
  • Pitts Theology Library holdings: ca. 637,768 volumes, including 158,534 rare books
  • Number of living alumni: 7,970
  • Alumni serving as church pastors: 70%

Based on Candler’s Fact Sheet for 2020-2021 academic year.

Rankings & Recognition

Based on Emory Points of Pride data and Trees Atlanta.

Top 10 Reasons
You'll Love Candler

Candler has so much to offer students: a valued position within Emory University, faculty and academics that will challenge you, a community that celebrates diversity, and opportunities for fulfilling your call to ministry. In fact, there's so much to love about Candler, we couldn't stop at just ten... and we're pretty sure you won't be able to either!

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