Master of Religion and Public Life

Explore the dynamics of faith in the public sphere.

Candler’s Master of Religion and Public Life (MRPL) is designed for professionals in law, healthcare, social work, education, public service and other fields whose work requires them to navigate issues of faith on a regular basis. Through the program, you can increase your impact and enrich your career by gaining a better understanding of the role of religion in the lives of the people you serve. Students choose from a wide range of course offerings to tailor their studies to their particular needs—from moral leadership to multifaith relations, biblical studies, conflict transformation, and much more.

Lifelong Learning

Given its breadth and flexibility, the MRPL is also well-suited to lifelong learners who want to enhance their spiritual understanding or theological knowledge. Choose what interests you, taking classes at Candler and across the university to explore the interdisciplinary nature of religion and theology, deepen your knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation, or enrich your understanding of religion and culture.

Does It Make a Real Difference?

What can you do with the MRPL degree? Good question—and MRPL graduate Karen Webster Parks 16T has one of many good answers. Before enrolling in Candler’s MRPL program, Karen was a respected leader in Atlanta’s corporate, political and civic life. Now she’s focused on bringing healing and reconciliation to the community through weekly church-based discussion groups that bring people together to talk about race. Hear more about her innovative program in this video. Spoiler alert: it’s working!

Want to Know More?

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